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Press Release: New stem cell method not pro-life

For Immediate Release, Monday December 13, 2010 Pro-Lifers beware: Lead does not turn into gold – Another Stem Cell Deception (Largo, FL) Children of God for Life Executive Director, Debi Vinnedge is sounding the alarm once more on iPS cell research that reprograms adult cells to become ’embryonic-like. Dr Derick Rossi of Harvard Stem Cell

US scientists reprogram cells to produce mice from 2 male parents

It’s been something of a holy grail amongst reproductive scientists for some time; the breeding of animals with same sex parents. However, reports today by U.S researchers of the successful breeding of mice from two fathers have been met with caution by Australian scientists and legal experts. “Whilst the findings in this paper are intriguing, whether such an approach could ever be applied to human reproduction is highly unlikely,” said Dr Megan Munsie, Senior Manager, Research and Government, Australian Stem Cell Centre.

From LifeSiteNews: California admits embryonic stem cell failure Friday January 29, 2010 Calif. Quietly Shifts Fruitless Embryo Research Funds to Adult Stem Cells Investors knock waste on useless research By Kathleen GilbertLOS ANGELES, California, January 29, 2010 ( – California’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine came into being five years ago, fueled by a conviction that the Bush administration’s restriction on embryo-destructive research

Scientists grow adult stem cells on contact lenses, treat blindness

A treatment for blindness using adult stem cells A team at the Australian University of New South Wales has discovered a treatment that considerably improves the sight of patients with diseases of the cornea. Three people blind in one eye were successfully treated. The method consists of removing stem cells from the patient’s healthy eye.

Pfizer To Use Embryonic Stem Cells in New Drugs

As Reported By May 11, 2009 Pfizer Signs With Wisconsin Group to Use Embryonic Stem Cells for Drugs Madison, WI ( — Embryonic stem cells have produced serious problems when used in animals and have never been tried in humans, yet alone been successful in curing any diseases or treating any medical conditions.Still, Pfizer Inc. announced

NIH opens public comment on embryonic stem cell research guidelines

PLEASE NOTE:  THE DEADLINE FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS SUBMISSION HAS ENDED.  All letters received will be entered into the Federal Register and open for public review in the coming weeks.  (Original Action Alert Issued May 1, 2009) URGENT – URGENT – URGENT! ACTION ALERT: Stem Cell Funding open for Public Comment Written comments must be received

Latest stem cell reprogram method by Thomson not pro-life

Latest Thomson Study Reported as Major Breakthrough to Embryonic Stem Cell Research is Not Pro-Life! March 30, 2009 There’s a lot of hype out there once more on the latest research involving reprogramming adult stem cells to become “embryonic”. (See our previous reports linked below.) The most recent announcement last week was that of James Thomson of

Cornell Produces First Genetically Modified Embryo March 20, 2009 The First GM (Genetically Modified) Human Embryo Could Dramatically Alter the Future “The advance of genetic engineering makes it quite conceivable that we will begin to design our own evolutionary progress.” ~Isaac Asimov, famous thinker and sci-fi writer Cornell University researchers in New York revealed that they had produced what is