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Aborted Fetal Vaccines Campaign For Ethical Vaccines
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Vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines
(Our original list vaccines and medicines plus moral alternatives if they exist)CDC Schedule
Annotated chart showing aborted fetal vaccine
(Physicians favorite – lists all vaccines on the childhood schedule from the CDC website )All  products using aborted fetal cell lines
(One page list of all products on our boycott list)
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The Campaign for Ethical Vaccines  has over 639,000 supporters.Add your name and voice your complaints!Campaign Supporters
A partial sampling of some of our supporting organizations.The History of the Pepsi Boycott
Who was involved?  When did it start? How did it end? Get the facts on the food companies involved with aborted fetal research  to develop flavor enhancers for their foods and beverages.
Prove It! 
All the resources you need that proves the undisputed truth about the aborted fetal cell lines, their origin and use in vaccines.
A Catholic Guide To Vaccinations
A helpful guide for parents on infant immunizations
The Abortions,  The Truth
Gives the history of the abortions, the direct participation of the researchers and the pharmaceutical industry, moral problems facing parents and much, much more.
Helpful links on vaccine information –How Can You Help?

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Morally Okay?
Some say yes, some say no…
The Merck Boycott
Why buy any Merck products?
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Catholic Exemptions (includes Church teaching)
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