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CMA: Obama funds ESCR – Removes funding for adult stem cell research

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: John Brehany, Ph.D., S.T.L. Executive Director & Ethicist Catholic Medical Association 215-877-9099; CMA Protests Obama Executive Order Funding Life-Destroying Embryonic Stem Cell Research DATELINE March 10, 2009 – The Catholic Medical Association (CMA) protests President Obama’s March 9, 2009, executive order providing taxpayer funding for research that destroys the lives

Adult Stem Cells Reverse Parkinsons in Human Trials

Note to our readers:  I have personally spoken to Dr Levesque who conducted the research detailed below and while he is not against embryonic stem cell research over the years he has recognized the distinct advantage and value of adult stem cell research.  His own research supports that belief. Adult Stem Cell Research Reverses Effects

Reprogramming Stem Cells – Or Pro-Lifers’ Minds?

Reprogramming Stem Cells – Or Pro-Lifers’ Minds? By Debi Vinnedge In November 2007, two scientists Dr. Shinya Yamanaka and Dr James Thomson published their studies describing a new stem cell technique that produced embryonic-like stem cells by simply reprogramming adult skin cells.[1]  Immediately several bioethicists and pro-life leaders touted the iPS – or “induced pluripotent stem”

Single adult stem cell can self-renew

Single Adult Stem Cell Can Self Renew, Repair Tissue Damage in Live Mammal December 15, 2008 ( ) – The first demonstration that a single adult stem cell can self-renew in a mammal was reported at the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) 48th Annual Meeting, Dec. 13-17, 2008 in San Francisco. The transplanted

New Stem Cell Reprogramming Methods Not Pro-Life

Second Yamanaka study and UCLA study used aborted fetal and embryonic stem cells February 20, 2008 By Debra L. Vinnedge In November 2007, separate scientific studies by Dr. Shinya Yamanaka and Dr James Thomson claimed to end the moral debate on embryonic stem cell research.  Both scientists introduced genes into adult stem cells through a

Adult Stem Cells Reprogrammed using Aborted Fetal Cells instead of Moral Methods

For Immediate Release January 8, 2008 Contact: Children of God for Life  Email: 615 898-1070 CST   Adult Stem Cells Reprogrammed Using Aborted Fetal and HES cells Moral methods could have been used   (Tennessee)  Children of God for Life reports that a recent stem cell breakthrough that turns adult skin cells to “embryonic” is

Dr Theresa Deisher: Adult Stem Cell Reprogramming No Moral Victory

Why Are We Celebrating the Reprogramming of Adult Cells? by Theresa A. Deisher, Ave Maria Biotechnology Company, Research and Development Director The recent publications about the ability to reprogram adult skin cells to become virtually identical to embryonic stem cells has been hailed by pro-life groups as a ‘Moral Victory’.  Initially, I believed the work

Scientists find breakthrough in umbilical cord cells for Diabetes

Scientists use umbilical cord stem cells for Diabetes Cure Breakthrough made in search for diabetes cure May 29, 2007NORTH-EAST scientists have helped make an important breakthrough in the quest to find a cure for diabetes. In a world-first, a team including two stem cell scientists from Newcastle have proven that stem cells from umbilical cords can