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There is a blatantly false story put out by The Nate Max Project that is going viral on social media, titled, “List of companies using fetal cells from aborted babies to flavour products”


Our very successful Pepsi Boycott drew world-wide attention back in 2011-2012 when prolife organizations and other concerned individuals joined our efforts to force PepsiCo to alter their agreement with Senomyx. This company produces artificial flavor enhancers for several foods and beverage companies and they were testing those flavors using the aborted fetal cell line HEK-293.

Many have asked, how exactly are the HEK-293 cells used? In short, Senomyx produces a certain flavor for a company and then needs to test it to ensure it is the exact flavor desired. But the human tongue has only 5 taste receptors: salty, sour, sweet, bitter and umani. Senomyx found that certain animal, plant and human cells have what is known as a G-protein that can be used to test thousands of flavors.  The cell protein produces a chemical signal that will identify whether the flavor they are developing is correct. Even though they knew fully well that moral options existed, they chose to use aborted fetal cells for their test assays.

Now, despite the fact that we emphasized the HEK-293 was only used to test the products and was not actually in the flavorings, some websites put out wildly dramatic headlined stories that people were consuming dead babies! Worse, they tried to quote Children of God for Life out of context and used absolutely false information!

Because of massive confusion and a number of recent inquiries resulting from this and similar stories, we have updated our list of aborted fetal products: 
in order to clarify those that were developed and then tested by Senomyx
using the aborted fetal cell line.

On this same page we also list other products such as cosmetics, vaccines and medicines that are made by other companies and DO contain aborted fetal material.

For full information on the history of our work in exposing Senomyx please see:

7 Responses to Setting the record straight!

  1. Susan Roelle says:

    Thank You for setting the record straight. I too was under the impression that there were companies that were still using HEK293 in their food products. Again Thank You as I don’t want to be the bearer of false information going around.

  2. Pamela Boespflug says:

    I think this article is very confusing. Does Nestle products have human DNA? DiPloid Cells? From aborted babies or not?

    • CoG for Life says:

      No. If you read the articles you will see we emphasize that the flavors used by these companies are only tested on the aborted fetal cell lines to ensure they have achieved the proper flavor. The cell line is only a final confirmation that the flavor is correct, nothing more.

  3. Pat says:

    I am still confused. How does a cell line test a flavor? Doesn’t a live human have to eat it or lick it to test the flavor? It just doesn’t make sense when I read about it. Is anybody else out there as confused about why they would even have to do this? Please be more specific in how they actually test a flavor using aborted fetal cells. Maybe I’m just dense?
    in other words how does a cell line do it? Does it change color???
    plus after reading some comments I am even more confused. Are some companies still using this procedure? Or have they all stopped?

    • CoG for Life says:

      They created an assay using the aborted fetal cell line because it can mimic the human tongue – but with a much broader range of taste receptors than the 5 we have (sweet, salty, bitter, sour, umani). There is what is known as a G-protein in the cell line which sends a chemical signal when scientists introduce the artificial flavor to the cells. If the chemical reaction is correct, they know they have achieved the proper flavor. In over 70 patents that we researched, Senomyx mentioned several other moral cell lines that work just as well – there was absolutely no reason to use aborted fetal cells. As for the companies using Senomyx, once the flavor they wanted has been provided, there is no further research by Senomyx but the company pays royalties back to them for every product sold. List is on our website of those involved: Also, please note PepsiCo did not allow Senomyx to use the aborted fetal cells to test their flavors. They use adults who actually do a taste test.

  4. Samuel Vanderburg says:

    Is your list saying that there is no moral option for the MMR vaccine?

    • CoG for Life says:

      Not in the US, Canada or Europe. Merck used to provide separate doses of measles and mumps, both of which are morally produced, but they stopped making them separately. That leaves the MMR combo and it is the rubella portion that uses aborted fetal material in both the virus and the cell line it is cultivated on. Japan has the only moral version world-wide but you cannot get it outside Japan and it is currently provided as an MR (measles + rubella) and a separate mumps vaccine. Their MMR combo is in Phase 3 clinical trials.

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