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Previous update from May 1, 2012 –

We have received many inquiries about the status of the Senomyx partner boycott. At this time Senomyx only has agreements with 4 companies:  Ajinomoto, Firmenich, Nestlé and PepsiCo. Two of these, Ajinomoto, Firmenich are not based in the US.  Firmenich does not directly sell a product to the public but rather, sells their flavor enhancers to other companies.   They do not disclose who those companies are or which flavor enhancers they are using so this is of no help to us in our boycott efforts.  Ajinomoto does sell their flavor seasonings in the North American market and these are listed on the new boycott list.

                Nestles has products on the market using Senomyx and they continue to collaborate for future products.  The products listed are their coffee creamers and Maggi soup and sauce products.  PepsiCo is using Senomyx for future products, however they are NOT using aborted fetal cell lines in the development of those flavor enhancers.   Cadbury Adams ended their agreement in Dec 2011 and they have brought no product to market using Senomyx.  So right now, the target is Nestles.  Should this change in the future we will notify the public immediately.  God bless all of you for your support and effort!

History April 2011-Present

Breaking News – Pepsi will not use aborted fetal cell lines in flavor enhancer R&D

Thank you to all who participated to help make this happen!  Never think for a moment that you can’t possibly make a difference – because you did! 

Pepsi Boycott is over! – The History of Our Efforts Folows

March-April 2012

Obama agency rules PepsiCo cannibalizing aborted fetus is “ordinary business”  (PDF)  Non-PDF format. Still not convinced?  View these official documents: Pepsi Letter to the SEC | Pepsi Letter to Shareholder | SEC Response
IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t be fooled by PepsiCo’s dishonest email and letter responses – click here to read their latest form letter!
01-26-12 Oklahoma Senator bans food products using aborted fetal material –
mainstream media blasts Senator – we respond!
12-01-11 Download! Download one page list of all aborted fetal products including Cadbury Adams LLC,
Nestles, Facial creams, vaccines and medicines
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06-02-11 Download! DOWNLOAD our one-page flyer The PepsiCo Boycott for easy hand-out!
Pro-Life groups unite in Pepsi boycott over aborted fetal cell lines
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Biotech company testing food additives on aborted fetal cell lines