Religious Exemptions to Vaccines

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Military personnel in active duty may or may not be allowed an exemption depending on permission granted by the Commanding Officer. (Read the story of one US Coast Guard officer who fought and won). However, military dependents are allowed religious exemptions. Click here to access the Military Dependent Children Vaccine waiver form

Certain positions require vaccination as a condition for employment. However, such rights may be protected under Federal law. Click here to read TitleVII of the Federal Civil Rights Act protecting religious freedom through the EEOC. Employment discrimination protected under the Federal Civil Rights Act

Children Attending School
All 50 states allow medical exemptions, 19 offer philosophical exemptions and only three states – California, West Virginia and Mississippi do not allow religious or philosophical exemptions for children attending school. View State laws governing exemptions.

It is important to understand that as the laws vary from State to State, some are actually unconstitutional as written. In most cases, State officials realize this and do not question a parent filing an exemption since they do not want litigation. However, other officials, such as NY State are notorious for grilling parents in an attempt to determine sincerity and whether or not the belief is actually religious in nature. Still others have attempted to redefine what a particular religion does or does not teach.

If you simply need help with filing a religious exemption you may contact us. Please be sure to let us know your religious denomination and State of residence and we will be glad to assist you. Or for information on Catholic Religious exemptions click here