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Has anyone told you they didn’t believe we could possibly have vaccines produced right here in America from aborted fetal cell lines?  Did anyone tell you it was a hoax?  Children of God for Life gives you the full truth and the resources you need to prove it!

The fact that the Chickenpox, Hepatitis-A and MMR vaccines were developed using aborted fetal cell lines, MRC-5 and WI-38 has never been hidden from the public.  The problem is that when parents go to their family doctors for vaccinations, who asks to see the product insert?   Most parents want to know the risks and possible side effects.  Like their doctors, parents are mostly concerned with the health of their children.   And doctors, who have been administering the vaccines for years have never checked into the ingredients, although it has always been right at their fingertips.  And what would happen if they did?  They would read that the vaccine contains “residual DNA and proteins” and “components” of “MRC-5”, “WI-38” (or both) “human diploid cell lines”.

Click here for the Manufacturer’s package insert portion describing the fetal cell lines.

 But that statement alone does not mean “aborted fetal tissue”.  Diploid cells are defined as “having twice the number of chromosomes normally occurring in a mature germ cell”.  Deceptive footwork on the part of the pharmaceutical companies; legal, without disclosing what would have surely led to a public outcry and a demand for immediate change.

Next, most doctors have at their disposal a book called a PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference).  The same information, listing the WI-38 and MRC-5 cell lines can be found there as well.

But what happens when the information still does not prove that MRC-5 or WI-38 are aborted fetal cell lines?  There are several references to document this including a few which are listed below.  But finding the resource material yourself can be time consuming and cumbersome.  Taken from the Coriell Cell Repository, a company that actually sells fetal (and other) tissue cell lines, is a complete scientific description of the cell lines and the information on the original abortions:

MRC-5  Aborted Fetal Cell Line        WI-38 Aborted Fetal Cell Line

More Aborted Fetal Cell Lines Used in Products
and Product Testing

WALVAX2      PER C6 & HEK-293        IMR-90 and IMR-91


BUT WAIT!  Some drugs on the vaccine chart, such as Enbrel, Procrit, Epoetin alfa Epogen, Aranesp and Darbepoetin alfa state in the package insert that Chinese Hamster (CHO) cells are used – not aborted fetal cells!  Ah, but the proof is in the pudding – literally!  Click here to read how they used aborted fetal cells in their “recombinant DNA” technology.

Still need MORE proof?
How about this directly from the science publication, Nature:
June 26, 2013
By Meredith Wadman

“In 1962, Leonard Hayflick created a cell strain from an aborted fetus. More than 50 years later, WI-38
remains a crucial, but controversial, source of cells.”

Physicians In the Know

In addition, the Catholic Medical Association has a written resolution, to provide vaccines not derived from aborted fetal tissue where alternatives exist and supporting our effort to demand changes for those not offering any other source.  The Catholic Medical Association and the American Association of Pro-Life Pediatricians have put their stamp of approval on our Campaign.  They would certainly not risk their reputation on a frivolous effort that had no scientific evidence to back it!  Read their latest statement.

In addition, the Christian Medical Association has issued their own statement on aborted fetal vaccines.  Click here!

In Their Own Words

 Read one of the letters Merck has written in response to our request that they cease and desist! 

Or how about this from Merck’s own website? Under the Description in the opening paragraph, note the reference to Footnote 1,2. Scroll down to page 9 and read the first footnote under References. Or click here if their link is not active.

The Church

Do you think the Vatican would lie about such a thing? 
Read their statement!

The Facts

Or if you would like to read an in-depth article detailing the history of the abortions, the cell lines used and new ones under development – and the direct involvement by the pharmaceutical industry, click here.

In addition, we have provided information from some of these references for those who would have no way of accessing this information otherwise.  Here are some excerpts from medical journals which provided specifics about the cell cultures for the Rubella vaccine:

Gamma Globulin Prophylaxis; Inactivated Rubella Virus; Production and Biological Control of Live Attenuated Rubella Virus Vaccines ; Amer J Dis Child Vol 118 Aug 1969

Dr. K McCarthy: It seems to me that there are two things that we worry about in regards to WI-38 cell substrate. First of all, presence of extraneous viral agents; secondly, the possibility of there being human genetic material passed over into the vaccine. I wonder if there is any information about the reasons for aborting that particular embryo that gave rise to WI-38; and if it was from a family, whether we have any information about siblings from the family and whether they are normal?

Dr.S Plotkin, Philadelphia: I should like to answer Dr. McCarthy’s question. This fetus was chosen by Dr. Sven Gard, specifically for this purpose. Both parents are known, and unfortunately for the story, they are married to each other, still alive and well, and living in Stockholm, presumably. The abortion was done because they felt they had too many children. There were no familial diseases in the history of either parent, and no history of cancer specifically in the families; I believe this answers Dr. McCarthy’s question.

Attenuation Of RA 27/3 Rubella Virus in WI-38 Human Diploid Cells; Amer J Dis Child vol 118 Aug 1969

Explant cultures were made of the dissected organs of a particular fetus aborted because of rubella, the 27th in our series of fetuses aborted during the 1964 epidemic. The third explant, which happened to be from kidney, was selected arbitrarily for further study.

Studies of Immunization With Living Rubella Virus ; Arch J Dis Child vol 110 Oct 1965

“This fetus was from a 25-year-old mother exposed to rubella 8 days after last menstrual period. 16 days later she developed rubella. The fetus was surgically aborted 17 days after maternal illness and dissected immediately. Explants from several organs were cultured and successful cell growth was achieved from lung, skin, and kidney. It was then grown on WI-38. This new vaccine was tested on orphans in Philadelphia”.

Further references:

Center for Disease Control
In the search engine, type the name of vaccine you wish to access.  Children of God for Life has already printed these documents, taken from the MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports), which are documented by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services and are quite lengthy.  If you need specific copies, please contact us for help.

Text References:

* L. Hayflick and P.S. Moorhead, The Serial Cultivation of Human Diploid Cell Strains, Experimental Cell Research Vol 25, pp 585-621, 1961

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