The Fair Labeling and Informed Consent Act

If the FDA can require fat and carbohydrate information on cookies so consumers can choose the best product, shouldn’t we know when cell components, proteins and DNA from aborted children are ingredients in our vaccines and medicines?

If you agree that the public has a right to know the truth in full conformity with the Code of Federal Regulations regarding labeling – and more importantly – the right to choose ethical alternatives, please ask your members of both the US House and Senate to investigate the current labeling practices of the pharmaceutical industry.


1) Write your own letter and ask Congress to sponsor the legislation:

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Not sure what to say? Heartfelt calls or letters in your own words are always best. But if you are still stuck, click here to review a sample letter sent by a concerned parent to the Senate.

2) Download a comments form letter with room for 25 signatures per page
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3) Print our brochure and send it with your letter or comments to Congress
Download our Fair Labeling and Informed Consent Brochure (PDF format)
This handy pamphlet is perfect to send to members of Congress or for distribution at pro-life events! Simply download the file, print page 1, re-insert the paper, print page 2 and tri-fold to center.

To review the proposed legislation use the following link:

2008 FLICA Legislation

Vaccine Information Statements

The proposed legislation requires amending the Vaccine Information Statement, currently required under Federal Law, to be given to parents prior to vaccination.  The legislation proposes to add one paragraph to that statement to provide parents and physicians with Informed Consent.

– Existing Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) (polio example):

– Sample: Revised VIS for polio with Informed Consent Section added

– Revised VIS Informed Consent text for MMR, Chickenpox, Enbrel, Hepatitis-A, Polio, Rabies, Shingles

Note: All current versions for each VIS may be viewed at the CDC website at:

Package Inserts

The proposed legislation also seeks to revise the manufacturers’ package labeling so that all medical professionals and pharmacists will know in advance of purchase, which products use aborted fetal cell lines and which do not.

– Copy of existing package inserts and sample revision

– Copy of 42USC §300aa-26;Copy of USC Title 15, Ch. 39, §1451and 41 FR 6908, Sec. 201.10 Drugs

– Link to 502(e) of the FDAC Act: