June 6, 2019
(Clearwater, Fl) Children of God for Life is calling on all prolife individuals to join them in congratulating President Donald Trump for his decisive action to end all government contracts involving aborted fetal research.

“We are deeply grateful to President Trump for standing up in defense of those who have no voice,” noted Children of God for Life founder, Debi Vinnedge whose organization for the past 20 years has sought to end the gross exploitation of aborted fetal remains for profit by scientists and the pharmaceutical industry in particular.

When the matter was exposed in a 2018 investigation, NIH Director Francis Collins tried to defend the use of tissue harvested from late-term aborted babies, stating, “There is strong evidence that scientific benefits can come from fetal tissue research.”
“We strongly disagree,” noted Vinnedge who has personally investigated the science journals involving vaccine research using aborted fetal remains dating back to the early 1900’s.

“In every experiment, every tissue procurement used, for over 100 years scientists also noted the use of morally obtained human, animal and even plant cells that worked just as well.”
In one such journal scientist Leonard Hayflick noted the reasoning for using aborted fetal tissue was because it was “economic and plentiful.”

And in a PBS article in 2015 Planned Parenthood and scientists involved with aborted fetal research tried to defend their actions by claiming such research was essential.

Dr Paul Offit, a pediatrician who has made millions of dollars in the pharmaceutical industry made the ridiculous assertion that, “Rubella caused 5,000 spontaneous abortions a year prior to the vaccine. We wouldn’t have saved all those lives had it not been for those fetal cells.”

A little fact-checking on his outrageous claims actually revealed that the first rubella vaccines licensed in 1969 used MDCK (canine) cells, duck and rabbit cells. The aborted fetal version of rubella vaccine not licensed until 1979. And according to the CDC statistics, there was a TOTAL of 1,064 confirmed cases of CRS (Congenital Rubella Syndrome) from 1970-1979, not 5,000 per year. In addition, actual spontaneous abortions from CRS declined from 69 cases in 1970 to 22 cases in 1976 with no confirmed data for 1977-1979.

In response to these and other outrageous allegations Children of God for Life issued a press release in August 2015 noting that not only has there never been a cure for any disease whatsoever using aborted fetal material, the true motive lies in the millions of dollars in federal grants that have been used for aborted fetal research.

From 2011 through 2014 alone, 97 research institutions – mostly universities and hospitals – received a total of $280 million in federal grants for fetal tissue research from the National Institutes of Health.

And while Planned Parenthood tried to justify the need for aborted fetal research by noting the use of the cell lines in vaccines, what they failed to admit is that there are morally produced versions for every vaccine except chickenpox. And even that did not have to be produced with aborted fetal material.

“The fact of the matter is that aborted fetal tissue is absolutely unnecessary for vaccine production or any medical research. There are numerous FDA approved moral cell lines and if human cells are desired, they can be obtained from a plethora of non-objectionable sources including umbilical cord, cord blood and other adult stem cells,” stated Mrs. Vinnedge.

When the matter was brought to light in 2018, the Catholic Medical Association condemned the use of late term aborted babies to humanize mice for vaccine research.

“The use of unborn human life for experimentation by the United States government is unconscionable. We are calling for an immediate stop to this practice urging the Trump administration to revoke the contracts.”

Vinnedge says she is grateful for the action of the CMA which helped alert Trump to the situation. “It is time people learned the truth of what has been going on in the abortion industry for over 100 years,” she stated. “At the same time the holocaust of the Jews was happening in Nazi Germany, our own holocaust of aborted babies was taking place right here in the US with polio vaccine research, something very few people are aware of.”

(More on the history of the abortions and fetal research dating back to the early 1900’s can be found in the article, Forsaking God for the Sake of Science.)

Letters may be sent to President Trump via their contact form on the White House website:
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