Petition from Italy on mandated vaccines to protect religious rights

Please sign this petition sent to us from Italy for religious rights to abstain from aborted fetal vaccines!  Click Translate this page at the top right corner (in Google Chrome browser)

If you cannot get it to translate, here is the English version:

Church, vaccines prepared from abortion fetal cells and conscientious objection

The question concerns the legality of the production, dissemination and use of certain vaccines whose production is linked to procured abortion acts.

These are live virus vaccines that have been prepared from human fetal cell lines of fetal origin using abortion human fetal tissues as the source of such cells.

We ask the Catholic Church to start negotiating with the Italian State for the Catholic faithful to be granted, for religious reasons, the objection of conscience, considering in addition that there are no epidemic conditions that justify the immoral use of these vaccines So products.

The request is born spontaneously from the invitation received and received by the faithful through the document “MORAL REFLECTIONS BETWEEN VACCINES PREPARED FROM CELLS FROM HUMAN HUMAN ABORTES” of June 2005, a document within which cows are quoted from Such a composition and inviting the faithful, in non-epidemic and risk situations, such as those in which we are today, to obey the conscience obeying the life of each individual, the son of God even though he has not yet come to the world.

Note: The letter and document from the Pontifical Academy for Life is found here: 


5 Responses to Petition from Italy on mandated vaccines to protect religious rights

  1. Anna Gray says:

    Aborted fetal cells used to manufacture vaccines. Why is this ok?

  2. Janet Gernand says:

    As a pro-life Christian, I am appalled that that aborted babies are used in the manufacturing of many vaccines….along with the DNA from certain animals. There are no words for how evil this is. God surely will judge harshly Christians that approve of contaminating the blood of those He created in His image. Man cannot out do God. He made the immune system to work perfectly to fight off illnesses and diseases when societies have clean water, nutritious foods, and good sanitation and hygiene. Parents should absolutely have the right to choose what goes into their child’s body whenever there is a risk of injury or death. Vaccine manufacturers inserts fully admit that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe and carry many risks. I stand with our almighty God, not sinful fallen man.

  3. James Solomon says:


  4. Sara O'Connell says:

    Disregarding all the other unbelievably toxic things in vaccines. As a Christan, I have to say it is beyond disgusting that they use ABORTED babies in the making of vaccines. If you stand for this, you DO NOT stand for GOD!

  5. Another moral and legal concern – those producing vaccines have no responsibility for damage done by them. The government has used taxpayer money to pay out billions of dollars in reparation for those sickened or dead from vaccines. And, it is clearly not righteous to force someone to expose their children to substances known to be dangerous to some.

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