FDA Pathetic Response on aborted fetal Ebola Vaccines

On October 14th Children of God for Life wrote to the FDA, NIH, NIAID and Dept of HHS regarding the use of aborted fetal cell lines in the Ebola vaccines under development.  (Original letter)  Today we received a pathetic and erroneous response from the FDA and have written again requesting they use moral cell lines.  Read the FDA response and our second letter pointing out the following errors:  (Quoting from today’s letter we sent to the FDA below)

“1) You referenced that some vaccines licensed by the FDA use aborted fetal cell lines MRC-5 and WI-38. However, the Ebola vaccines in question by GSK/NIAID, NewLink Genetics and Johnson & Johnson/Crucell, are using HEK-293 and PER C6 aborted fetal cell lines.

2) You further state that these cell lines have a proven track record of safety when in fact, HEK-293 and PER C6 are currently not used in any vaccines licensed in the US.

3) The moral cell lines being used by Tekmira and the University of Texas are Vero cells – which do have a proven track record of safety as they are used in polio and rabies vaccines in the US.

4) There are 47 FDA licensed vaccines in the US, 8 of which are produced using aborted fetal cell lines. Of those 8 only 3 do not have a moral option anywhere in the world: chickenpox, shingles and ProQuad (MMR + chickenpox). To say that “an inability to use these cells [aborted fetal] would deprive the US of important vaccines” is simply, not true.”

Children of God for Life encourages the public to make your voices heard and write to these agencies!  Click here for the original press release with information on where to send your letters!  https://cogforlife.org/ebolaPressRelease.pdf