NCBC Quarterly Outstanding Articles on Aborted Fetal Vaccines

National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly Autumn Edition
Now Available

The National Catholic Bioethics Center has released their 2006 Autumn Quarterly Edition.
The issue contains an outstanding compilation of of articles by noted theologians, physicians and
researchers on the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccine production. 

Learn about the history of the abortions, the development of the cell lines for vaccine use and the moral implications we are facing both now and in the future! 

Featuring prominent writers such as:

– Dr Timothy Collins – The Technology –

– Very Reverend Angel Rodriguez Luno – The Ethics –

– Dr Rene Leiva – The History –

– Dr Alexander Pruss – The Complicity –

– Dr Alvin Wong – Human Embryonic Kidney –

– The PAFL Letter and Document –

With A Special Guest Essay by Senator Sam Brownback

This is an absolute must read for all concerned citizens, medical professionals
and members of the clergy!

Order yours today!

Individual copies are $15.00 plus postage.  Annual subscriptions are $48.00 and include both a printed copy and internet access to the journal.
To order copies for your parish, diocese, pro-life group or
to simply give yourself a great education on this important issue, 
Contact the National Catholic Bioethics Center at:

215-877-2660 (voice)

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