Righteous Indignation in Wisconsin

Righteous Indignation in WisconsinDear Friends of Terri,

I just finished “Defiantly Unrepentant” by Thomas Droleskey and then read that George Greer has denied each and every recent motion by the Schindlers to save their daughter.
What is the Bishop of St. Petersburg putting in his coffee?
This is not some disagreement between family members as to what kind of “end of life” care a terminally ill family member will receive.  This isn’t a feud over the disposition of a will.
This is about a “hanging judge” who is running roughshod over the laws of Florida.
This is about a governor who cannot muster the guts to take an innocent, helpless citizen into protective custody in order to save her life.
This is about a “right to die” agenda that has insinuated itself, like a snake, into the halls of church and state and is being promoted by a greedy attorney.
This is about the US Justice Department that is busy trying to prevent Chinese women from being forcibly aborted and sterilized while right here in our own country an innocent woman is going to be publicly starved to death!
This is about men in “high places” who don’t know the meaning of the words “so help me God” in the sworn oaths they have taken.
I will not be satisfied until Joseph Lynch is outside Woodside holding his rosary and a picket sign;  Jeb Bush is on the phone with the Florida National Guard calling
them in to remove Terri and George Greer is signing papers that appoint the Schindler Family as Terri’s guardians; and George Bush orders Gonzalez to investigate
all the violations of federal law against Terri; and George Felos is barred from the practice of law.   I refuse to address these individuals by their “title” because
they refuse to act in that capacity.
God bless you.   God bless Terri and her stalwart family – models of faith and perseverance. And God bless the State of Florida.  Mary, mother of Mercy, pray for us all.
Peg Saindon+
Mother and Unborn Baby Care
Appleton, Wisconsin
PS.   “Remember Hugh Finn…………”