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Merck to halt sales of ethical measles, mumps vaccines

October 31, 2009 Update: Merck reneges on promise -See related news story from CDC at: http://www.cdhd.wa.gov/documents/VaccineNewsletterDecember2009.pdf Previous News Release: AUGUST 4, 2009 UPDATE:  Merck has agreed to provide the separate doses again in 2011.  Read Merck’s response to one parent who wrote. While we are pleased these morally produced measles and mumps vaccines will be available to the

Merck Mired in Mayhem

It was shocking when I saw it; I knew it couldn’t possibly be true, and I prayed it was a New Year’s Eve joke! But indeed, it was factually correct and my heart sank. What in the world could be done? Well, here is the story and an invitation to you to get active and do something now.

Letter to the CDC

I am enclosing a copy of the letter sent to Richard Clark, CEO of Merck regarding their recent decision to halt sales and production of their monovalent measles and mumps vaccines. I realize that it is not your duty to decide how vaccines are produced, but in order to achieve the goals you have set for eliminating diseases, you should be deeply concerned that a large portion of the population will not use vaccines such as the MMR that are produced with aborted fetal cell lines.

Letter to Merck

I am writing to you regarding your recent decision to discontinue production and sales of your monovalent measles (Attenuvax) and mumps (Mumpsvax) vaccines. On behalf of over 610,000 US citizens, physicians and members of the clergy who have petitioned Merck in the Campaign for Ethical Vaccines and are deeply concerned with the use of aborted fetal cell lines in the rubella portion of your MMR II and other vaccines, I am asking you to reconsider your position.

Booster-Shot Frequency Is Questioned in Study

Note:  If your child has already had one dose of MMR and you are concerned about the using aborted fetal vaccines, ask your doctor to perform a titer blood test to check your child’s immunity.  If the immunity is high as the following article suggests, no booster should be needed. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB119449113412286137.html Booster-Shot Frequency Is Questioned

Ethical Single Doses for Measles and Mumps now available

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SEPTEMBER 12, 2003 SINGLE DOSE ATTENUVAX (MEASLES) AND MUMPSVAX (MUMPS) NOW AVAILABLE For all parents and physicians who have waited patiently  – for nearly two years!!! –  the single dose vaccines for measles and mumps that DO NOT CONTAIN ABORTED FETAL CELL LINES – are now available for order through your physician. 

Juneau Alaska, Morally Un-Acceptable – Letter to Editor, Eva Small, RN

Web posted Thursday, January 9, 2003  http://juneauempire.com/stories/010903/let_letter3.shtml Morally unacceptable  Letter to the Editor  It is a little known fact that the rubella vaccine, part of the MMR used here in the U.S., was originally derived from tissue taken from the lung cells of an American fetus deliberately aborted in the 1960s. This vaccine is called RA