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Military Exemption Allowed

Military Backs Down: Grants Religious Exemption May 12, 2008 (Washington, DC)  In a surprise move by military officials, Officer Joseph J. Healy received official notification on May 9th that they would reverse their previous decision denying him a religious exemption from the Hepatitis-A vaccine.  Healy, a Lieutenant Commander in the Coast Guard and a devout

NJ Bishops

NJ Bishops Reverse Policy Denying Religious Exemptions New Jersey Catholic Conference 149 North Warren Street • Trenton, New Jersey 08608 (609) 989-1120 • Fax (609) 989-1152 E-mail: info@njcathconf.com Web: www.njcathconf.com Patrick R. Brannigan, Executive Director The Catholic Bishops of New Jersey strongly encourage all parents to vaccinate their children for the health and safety of not only

Vaccinations and Catholic Exemptions: Impact Report

Vaccinations and Catholic Exemptions Exploring the Impact (February 2006) A study has been prepared to determine what sort of outcome a united effort by Catholic authority might have on the health of the population by pressuring the Federal Government and Pharmaceutical Industry for ethical alternatives to aborted fetal vaccines. The information focuses on the possibility

Duquesne Catholic University backs down – allows religious exemption

The following article appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune after one courageous family stood in defense of life and their religious right to exempt from aborted fetal tissue vaccines.  Backed by the USCCB, the Vatican statement on Catholic Universities, the Pittsburgh Diocese and a letter to the University from Bishop Robert Vasa asserting Catholic rights on

Washington DC officials threaten to jail parents for refusing immunizations

BBC News:  Thursday, 14, February, 2002, 18:44 GMT Jail Threat for Refusing MMR Vaccine Washington, DC  A US city has introduced an initiative to force parents to vaccinate their children with the controversial MMR vaccine or go to jail. Children in Washington DC who have not been vaccinated are barred from attending school, while their

American Life League: Vaccines and Embryonic Stem Cell Products – What’s a Catholic to Do?

What is a Catholic Supposed to Do? On the heels of  American Life League’s Celebrate Life Magazine publishing an article regarding vaccines derived from aborted fetal  tissue in the July-August issue, came President Bush’s article in the OP/ED section of the NY Times newspaper in which he used the vaccine issue as a precedent to justify his