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Is the abortion/bio-tech industry implicated in the astounding rise in autism?

Back in November, the Wall Street Journal featured a prominent article with the following headline: “The Hidden Toll of Traffic Jams; Scientists Increasingly Link Vehicle Exhaust With Brain-Cell Damage, Higher Rates of Autism”. It was careful to point out that current evidence is circumstantial; no one is certain about such a connection between traffic, exhaust,

Sound Choice Newsletter December 2011

Here is the Sound Choice Newsletter, December 2011

LA Times: Autism linked to hundreds of gene mutations

Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 03:43 PM By Shari Roan Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES — Autism is not caused by one or two gene defects but probably by hundreds of mutations, many of which arise spontaneously, according to research that examined the genetic underpinnings of the disorder in more than 1,000 families. The findings

Groups call for Federal Investigation of Human Fetal DNA/autism link in vaccines

For Immediate Release: May 11, 2011 Contact Form (206) 906-9922 or (727) 483-9251 (Largo, FL) Children of God for Life and Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute are calling on federal officials to investigate the cause of autism in children who have received vaccines produced using aborted fetal cell lines. Past studies have focused on the use

Three Important News Items on Vaccines & Autism

CBS News Report on Autism Dr Deisher – Congressional Testimony Dr Ratajczak Study

The Abortion-Vaccine-Autism Link and What to Do

Shouldn’t we determine whether injecting the DNA from aborted babies into our children is safe, oh yeah, and moral too? What’s a Catholic to do? Let’s not mince words here. We’ve got a problem

SCPI Autism Study Press Release

Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute’s (SCPI) founder and lead scientist, Dr Theresa Deisher, presented their ongoing study into the possible link between aborted fetal DNA in several childhood immunizations with Autism and Austim Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Philadelphia, PA May 20-22, 2010.

SCPI Autism Abstract

Computational Detection of Homologous Recombination Hotspots in X-Chromosome Autism Associated Genes Abstract Friday, May 21, 2010 Franklin Hall B Level 4 (Philadelphia Marriott Downtown) 11:00 AM A. Ard , University of Portland, Portland, OR M. LaMadrid , Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, Seattle, WA S. Bwabye , Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, Seattle, WA K. Koyama ,