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Laura’s Story on Vaccines

At Children of God for Life we understand parents concerns over vaccines – we are parents (and grandparents) too! Our mission for the past 12 years has been pro-life – to end the use of aborted fetal cell lines – AND to provide safe, effective, morally produced alternatives. As Founding Director, I have heard anguished

LA Times: Autism linked to hundreds of gene mutations

Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 03:43 PM By Shari Roan Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES — Autism is not caused by one or two gene defects but probably by hundreds of mutations, many of which arise spontaneously, according to research that examined the genetic underpinnings of the disorder in more than 1,000 families. The findings

Jessica Farnsworth, MD – Family Physician weighs in on aborted fetal vaccines

Read Dr. Jessica Farnsworth’s Article on Vaccines

Groups call for Federal Investigation of Human Fetal DNA/autism link in vaccines

For Immediate Release: May 11, 2011 Contact Form (206) 906-9922 or (727) 483-9251 (Largo, FL) Children of God for Life and Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute are calling on federal officials to investigate the cause of autism in children who have received vaccines produced using aborted fetal cell lines. Past studies have focused on the use

Three Important News Items on Vaccines & Autism

CBS News Report on Autism Dr Deisher – Congressional Testimony Dr Ratajczak Study

California company to use stem cells from aborted babies to treat paralysis

Christine Dhanagom Thursday, Mar 24 16:42 EST PALO ALTO, California, March 22, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The California based company StemCells, Inc announced last week a new experimental clinical trial that will use stem cells from aborted fetuses to treat paralysis. While current treatments rely on immediate post-injury intervention for their effectiveness, the company has announced

COG for Life calls for apology to Catholic scientists

For Immediate Release: Monday, January 17, 2011 Contact: Children of God for Life Contact Form (727) 483-9251 Pro-life Group calls for Apology to Catholic Scientists (Clearwater, FL) Recent writings commenting on Dignitas Personae regarding the use of aborted fetal and embryonic cells by researchers are under fire by pro-life group, Children of God for Life.

Religious Conscience & Aborted Fetal Vaccines

Religious Conscience and Aborted Fetal Vaccines A Catholic Prerogative By Debi Vinnedge Background In June 2005 the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAFL) issued a statement regarding the morality of using aborted fetal vaccines. Since that time some have challenged a parent’s right to abstain from these vaccines according to the dictates of their Catholic faith.