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To date we have distributed hundreds of thousands of our free brochures on Vaccines From Abortion, Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning across the United States and to over 2 dozen foreign countries.  We successfully fought for and obtained an ethical smallpox vaccine after the Sept 11th terrorist attacks in 2001.  Our current Campaign for Ethical Vaccines has well over 600,000 supporters nationwide and we continue to pressure the pharmaceutical industry and government to provide morally acceptable products. We are fighting to protect the religious rights of parents, physicians, pharmacists, missionaries and our military heroes who wish to abstain from using aborted fetal vaccines.  We have introduced legislation that would require all pharmaceutical companies to fairly label their products and give informed consent to all consumers, medical and science professionals.

Most recently, we joined forces with AVM Biotechnology, a company whose goal is to provide ethical alternatives for all vaccines and products that utilize aborted fetal or embryonic cell lines. AVM has also established a new non-profit division, SoundChoice Pharmaceutical Institute that will provide certification on products that are not tested, evaluated, screened or developed using aborted fetal or embryonic materials. Remember the old Good Housekeeping seal? Well this will be a Pro-Life-Certified seal!  What a tremendous help for concerned consumers!

But along with the ultimate victory is an enormous financial responsibility, including educating the public, research and development, travel, payroll, advertising, printing of brochures, shipping costs, legal fees and general business overhead.

We need your help!  You can donate to our cause two ways:

  • Donate directly to Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute

  • Donate directly to Children of God for Life.  You can request 100% of funding to be used for either Children of God for Life or Sound Choice.  Either way, YOU win! The donations are 100% tax deductible under IRS regulations governing charitable contributions and you can be assured your funds are being used for moral research and therapeutics!

We rely solely on contributions from the public in order to continue our work.  Please, help if you can!

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