Terri Schiavo

Personal Note to our Readers from Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director:

Children of God for Life began following the case of Terri Schiavo in early 2001 when the matter was brought to our attention at a local Clearwater meeting of the group, Professionals for Excellence in Health Care. Although Terri’s plight was occurring in our own back yard, we had no idea of the facts of this case, thanks to the local media that did a marvelous job of concealing the truth from the public. When I watched the video of Terri interacting with her mother, every lie I had been told about Terri was laid bare and refuted. As a mother, I watched and heard – heartsick – as this child interacted with her own mom and I wondered, how could anyone think for one moment that this young woman who smiled and tried to talk when her mother spoke, who moved her head and eyes – whose feeding tube was the only life support she used – was somehow classified as a person in a “coma” – or a “persistent vegetative state”? And then I heard the testimony of Dr. William Hammesfahr who showed in accurate medical facts how Terri had the ability to recover a great deal of the normal lifestyle that any one of us enjoy, but unfortunately, that much needed therapy was being denied by the husband who had promised a jury 10 years ago to do just that. But whether or not Terri ever recovered any of her cognitive or physical functions – or whether she could have taken food on a regular basis the same as you or me was never the issue at all. Terri had the right to life – the same as any disabled person. Millions of people live with diseases or disabilities from which they will never recover or improve. But that does not mean we have the right to kill them. Unfortunately, Terri’s estranged husband, his right-to-die attorney and one lowly judge thought otherwise and on March 31st, 2005, Terri’s life ended after 13 days of starvation and dehydration. I would challenge any healthy person to endure such a cruel, inhumane, slow agonizing death for long – unless that person had the WILL TO LIVE!

I strongly urge you to read Terri’s ordeal and the gross injustice that has been inflicted upon this woman, who never had any sort of living will and who never gave upon her will to live. You may have read that Terri would never have wanted to be kept alive by artificial means. That is what the husband told the courts – right after he was awarded 1.2 million dollars to care for her for the rest of his life. We can tell you this much…Terri never said she wanted to be starved to death And yet that is just what has happened to this beautiful young woman who laughed, smiled and cried when she was in pain – who reacted with great joy and love when her parents, her siblings and her priest visited her. Bob & Mary Schindler – their son Bobby and daughter Suzanne became like my own family members over the years and Terri is the sister I never had a chance to meet. Perhaps someday in a much better place than this. Rest in peace, sweet child of Christ!

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3-23-05: This doctor just examined Terri yesterday – keep in mind this is WHILE she is being starved and dehydrated and is the LEAST responsive she has ever been as death approaches.  This doctor admits he assumed she was PVS…until he saw her and examined the records.  The federal courts need to do the same!

“As I looked at Terri, and she gazed directly back at me, I asked myself whether, if I were her attending physician, I could in good conscience withdraw her feeding and hydration.  No, I could not.  I could not withdraw life support if I were asked.  I could not withhold life-sustaining nutrition and hydration from this beautiful lady whose face brightens in the presence of others.” – William Cheshire, Jr., MD (the original affidavit)

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There is no rational justification, moral or medical, to withdraw food and water from Mrs. Terri Schindler-Schiavo”

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Read the October 31st letters below by Delegate Bob Marshall, sent to our congressmen and all Florida Representatives and demand they investigate Michael Schiavo for abuse, neglect and denial of Terri’s civil rights – Judge Greer – for judicial misconduct and prejudice – and Hospice for misuse of Federal Funds and conflict of interest!




It is an outrage that Michael Schiavo and his attorney feel they can spit in the face of the Governor, the Fl House and Senate – and trample Terri’s rights with absolutely no regard for her health, happiness or wishes.

Complaints have been filed through the Department of Health and Human Services yet nothing is being done to protect Terri from physical harm or to assure her rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act!

Please take a moment and file your complaint with the Office of Civil Rights.  Click here for the form: Discrimination Complaint Form or go to: http://hhs.gov/ocr/discrimhowtofile.html  To review the facts already presented to DC in this case click on our link above to view the letters sent.

You can also file your complaint by email at OCRcomplaint@hhs.gov or call the District Office in Atlanta:  Roosevelt Freeman, 404 562-7886.  Tell them to immediately act and remove her care/custody from Michael and appoint a guardian.  The court has agreed to assign a guardian ad litem but this will only cover litigation and not her medical care!  To view a sample of information needed on the OCR complaint (PDF File) click here.

In addition, please contact your US Congressmen and Senators and ask them to investigate why the Department of Justice is not protecting Terri’s civil rights as a disabled American.  They should also request that the Department of Health and Human Services Civil Rights Office act at once to protect her.


Click here to view to the letters from Delegate Bob Marshall to: (PDF FILES)

To All  Florida Congress, Bilirakis and Young

House Judiciary Committee

President Bush 

US Attorney Tampa 

Children of God for Life letters to Attorney General John Ashcroft:  
Continued Denial of Civil Rights


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Catholic Directive on Life and Death – A Valid “Living Will”
You can copy it and have it validated for personal use

11-13-2003: Catholic Church Teaching  is Constant and Unchanging
The Teaching from Florida is Not! (Confusing The Terri Schiavo Case)
By Debi Vinnedge

11-10-03-2003: Letter to the USCCB November Conference:
Catholic Media Coalition President Mary Ann Kreitzer Urges  Bishops To Help Terri

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