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NJ Bishops

NJ Bishops Reverse Policy Denying Religious Exemptions New Jersey Catholic Conference 149 North Warren Street • Trenton, New Jersey 08608 (609) 989-1120 • Fax (609) 989-1152 E-mail: info@njcathconf.com Web: www.njcathconf.com Patrick R. Brannigan, Executive Director The Catholic Bishops of New Jersey strongly encourage all parents to vaccinate their children for the health and safety of not only

Vaccinations and Catholic Exemptions: Impact Report

Vaccinations and Catholic Exemptions Exploring the Impact (February 2006) A study has been prepared to determine what sort of outcome a united effort by Catholic authority might have on the health of the population by pressuring the Federal Government and Pharmaceutical Industry for ethical alternatives to aborted fetal vaccines. The information focuses on the possibility

Aborted Fetal Cell Line Vaccines And The Catholic Family

Aborted Fetal Cell Line Vaccines And The Catholic Family A Moral and Historical Perspective  Original Appeal Filed With The National Catholic Bioethics Center And The US Conference of Catholic Bishops  Issued September 2003 (Updated October 2005) Endorsements and Editorial Contributions By:   Most Revered Robert F. Vasa, Bishop of the Diocese of Baker Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, President Human Life International Fr. Benjamin Reese,

CNS Undermines Vatican Statement – CoG for Life demands retraction

For Immediate Release, Monday July 25, 2005 Contact:  Debi Vinnedge, debi@cogforlife.org 727 584-3332 CNS Deceptive Reporting Undermines Vatican Statement – Retraction Demanded  (Largo, FL) In response to an article put out by Catholic News Service regarding a recent Vatican statement on using aborted fetal cell line vaccines, Children of God for Life accused the agency of both irresponsible

Catholic Health Association on Vatican Statement

http://www.chausa.org/misssvcs/ethics/FetalTissue.asp July 25, 2005 TO: Mission Leaders and Ethicists FROM: Sr. Pat Talone, RSM, PhD Ron Hamel, PhD SUBJECT: Vatican Statement on Vaccines Derived from Aborted Fetal Tissue A press release being circulated by a Florida-based organization called Children of God for Life indicates that the Pontifical Academy for Life is in the process of

Vaccine Questions

Vaccines From Abortion – Understanding the Facts Since the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAFL) issued their dissertation in June 2005, Moral Reflections On Vaccines Prepared From Cells Derived From Aborted Human Foetuses, there have been a number of questions raised on the vaccine-abortion connection, the intention of the PAFL document and Children of God for Life’s position. 

Letter From Rome in Defense of Parental Rights on Vaccines

NOTE:  Following is a letter received on behalf of a student who was expelled from her Catholic school for refusing to use aborted fetal cell line vaccines.  The school and diocese in question have now agreed to allow children to remain in school, honoring their State provided religious exemption, while the Vatican studies this issue.

Catholic Living Will

Catholic Advance Directive   Page 1 This Declaration of Life and Death, made while I am of sound mind, is intended to convey my desires and directions regarding treatment or care for me in the event I become irreversibly and terminally ill or incapable of expressing my wishes for medical treatment. Because of my Catholic belief