ProLife Produced

ProLife Produced is the name of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute’s certification stamp for manufacturers of cosmeticsdrugs, vaccines and food additives to certify that their products are not produced using aborted fetal material or aborted fetal cell lines.

Cosmetics, drugs, vaccines and food additives are now manufactured using aborted fetal cells. Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute has developed a certification program so that consumers can know when they go to purchase their cosmetics or drugs that the products they use are “ProLife Produced”. (The certification stamp will say “FetalFree” or “ProLife Produced”). To support the launch of this program, Sound Choice has developed ProLife Produced t-shirts, onesies, sweatshirts and hats with the “ProLife Produced” logo. The ProLife Produced logo draws people in for a conversation, rather than putting them off. We are all “ProLife Produced.”

Please support Sound Choice’s efforts to help you purchase products that conform with your conscience!

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