Is There A Doctor in The House?

You want your patients to be safe from disease.  Hundreds of thousands of parents want the same for their children.  What they don’t want to do is compromise their deeply held religious and pro-life convictions by using vaccines derived from aborted babies.

In some cases, there are ethical alternatives, such as Pediarix instead of aborted fetal version Pentacel. In other cases – such as Varicella, Hepatitis-A, or Rubella there are none, while still others such as Attenuvax (measles) and Mumpsvax (mumps) that use chick embryo are no longer provided in separate doses.  But rather than have their children forego the MMR vaccine entirely, in the past, parents have requested the single dose Attenuvax (measles) and Mumpsvax (mumps) that Merck only sold in 10-paks. Some doctors were reluctant to order them, fearing they will not be able to use the remaining doses.  We want to help both the parents and the doctors when and if they become available again in the future.

Likewise, we want physicians to order moral options for parents that do currently exist.  If you need more information on these and other vaccines that use aborted fetal cell lines, please contact us.  Meanwhile, we are working to obtain moral alternatives through a prolife biotech company willing to provide them, pending funding and FDA approval.

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