Dr Theresa Deisher – EWTN radio

Simply outstanding EWTN radio interview with Barbara McGuigan and Dr Theresa Deisher on aborted fetal vaccines and the consequences of that DNA.  I highly recommend listening to this: http://old.avemariaradio.net/archive2/2015/03/tgf_20150304_2.mp3 Reference to the papers Dr Deisher discusses in her talk are: [1] Mostafa GA. et al. Systemic auto-antibodies in children with autism. J Neuroimmunology. 2014. April

10 years later…remembering Terri Schiavo

As one who stood with the family of Terri Schiavo through 3 attempted dehydration/starvations over the years, I vowed never to forget the horror and agony Terri and her family endured.  It was Holy Week then so it seems no better time to share the following story from a woman who endured the same tragedy. Holy

Conscientious objection to vaccinations

http://www.catholicculture.org/commentary/otn.cfm?id=1074 By Phil Lawler (bio – articles – email) | Jan 30, 2015 Following an outbreak of measles that was traced back to Disneyland, public-health authorities are ramping up their campaign to persuade all American parents that their children should be vaccinated. This campaign places pressure on some parents who have moral objections to the

Measles outbreak – Blame Merck, not parents

Full press release – updated Jan 29, 2015    

Mother chooses life and rapist demands parental rights?

When a woman is raped and makes the decision to keep her child she should be respected and protected, right?  Not according to many State laws that believe the rapist should be able to have parental rights – even custody of that child!  Read what is being done about this injustice!

FDA Pathetic Response on aborted fetal Ebola Vaccines

On October 14th Children of God for Life wrote to the FDA, NIH, NIAID and Dept of HHS regarding the use of aborted fetal cell lines in the Ebola vaccines under development.  (Original letter)  Today we received a pathetic and erroneous response from the FDA and have written again requesting they use moral cell lines.  Read the FDA

Action Alert! Developing Ebola vaccines use aborted fetal cell lines, moral options exist

“It is completely irresponsible of this Administration to put these problem vaccines on fast-track for approval and ignore the fact that a massive number of people may very well refuse them.”  Full story

Children of God for Life receives Evangelium Vitae Award at annual CMA conference