Are Vaccines Morally Acceptable

Are Vaccines Manufactured on Aborted Fetal Cell Lines Morally Acceptable?

Note:  The following opinions do not necessarily reflect the position of Children of God for Life one way or another.  They are offered for our readers as a means of educating oneself on the various aspects of aborted fetal vaccines.

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Morally Acceptable – Yes:
Dr. Edward Furton

Don De Marco  Richard Doerflinger

Dr.Janet Smith

Dr. Bernard Nathanson

Morally Acceptable – No:

Father Stephen Torraco, PhD

Father Phil Wolfe, FSSP

The Catholic World Report

Steven Kellmeyer, Catholic Theologian

Statement from the Pontifical Academy for Life

“When he listens to his conscience, the prudent man can hear God speaking.”

Moral Conscience

If the truth had been made known years ago, we would not have vaccines on the market today that utilize aborted fetal cell lines.  But what happens when facts that were available were intentionally kept hidden?  Learn the truth!

Vaccines From Aborted Fetal Cell Lines and The Catholic Family