Fr. Michael Copenhagen: Immorality of Receiving Vaccines Derived From Abortion

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  1. Nancy Kennedy says:

    Well said. Their little souls will line up against those who partook in this tragedy. God bless you and keep you.

  2. Wow, thank you Fr. Michael, for your profound words which express a clear ethical stand. Bravo! In my work I have discovered that the original WALVAX cell lines are weakening and therefore new lines are being created using aborted fetal tissue. Additionally, new evidence-based research is pointing to the distinct possibility that DNA from aborted fetus tissue is within the vaccine received by our children, and can cause their own immune system to mistakenly turn against our own DNA, thereby creating auto immune diseases.
    Thank you, Carol

    Carol Szczepaniak
    Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research

  3. Mom says:

    “Public authorities who support public murder cannot be taken seriously as guarantors of public health.” Amen.

    This is why I don’t trust public health officials when it comes to other vaccines which are not derived from aborted babies. The industry, their lobbyists and public figures involved are completely unethical, so forgive me for not trusting them when they declare aluminum, thimerosal, etc, etc as safe.

    The MMR’s efficacy is being questioned in court by whistle blowers who assert the manufacturer spiked samples with rabbit antibodies to achieve higher efficacy. Use of Chicken Pox vaccine (which contains fetal DNA) has caused a public heath emergency in terms of shingles outbreaks among the young–where is the outrage among health officials?

    Tetanus vaccines were found to be laced with an anti HcG hormone agent in Manila and Mexico City. The Catholic Church discovered this when significant numbers of parishioners were suddenly having miscarriages or unable to conceive during city-wide vaccine tetanus campaigns. Kenyan bishops spoke out and were ridiculed in the NY times a few years ago.

    Where are the public health officials when it comes to sanitation and hygiene improvements (in the US and abroad)–they know sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition and the main factors behind severity and frequency of outbreaks. (Dissolving Illusions is an incredible read)

    Public heath officials know oral (live virus) polio is the cause of polio outbreaks in developing countries, but they continue to use it, and bury the fact that outbreaks are vaccine-derived.

    And that’s the tip of the iceberg. Manufactures (who hold no liability for products that can injure) and public health officials have proven themselves completely untrustworthy and frankly, evil. They are all in this for the risk-free profit.

    I am grateful for Fr. Michael Copenhagen’s willingness to speak on this important issue. I hope the Catholic Church will continue to stand for matters of conscience in this debate.

  4. Donna Schwieder says:

    Excellent commentary by Fr. Michael Copenhagen! I’ve been arguing these very same points with Catholic friends over the last several years who say, well since it was so long ago that the vaccines were made using an aborted baby cell line, it’s okay now. As if time or distance from the sin erases it. It was wrong then and it is wrong now. Such a belief really sets up a very wicked foundation for the justification of all kinds of evil uses for aborted baby cells and body parts. I hope to see more priests speaking out about this topic and would love to see the Catholic Church take a bold and clear stand against accepting vaccines produced using aborted baby cell lines.

  5. Britney says:

    Thank you Father Copenhagen for speaking the truth! God bless you!

  6. Barb Curry says:

    Absolutely agree with you. No distance of time can make harvesting humans moral. End of story.

  7. Edward Drum MD, Capt. USN-retired says:

    Fr.Michael Copenhagen,

    I’m a cradle Catholic retired US Navy flight surgeon who has published a book titled “Quarantine Access” which deals with biologic warfare regarding the Swine flu “epidemic” and the AIDS epidemic, the latter of which was historically encouraged.

    I am working on a second book title “Bury your Dead” as a corporal work of mercy, endorsed by the Catholic Church. This book deals with the eight Hospitals in Long Island under the auspices of the Arch Dioceses of Rockville Center where babies lost if less than 20 weeks gestation are considered bio-waste by the pathology department, are then placed in red bags and sent to incinerators by Stericycle Inc. trucking. The parents have no say in the disposition of their child that has been lost.

    My good wife Rita was a pathology assistant who diagnosed various tissues from biopsies including pregnancy termination even in a Catholic hospital. She created a mass burial site in a catholic crematory assisted by two nuns where 500 babies have been buried.

    Would you allow me to use your Tobit reference in my book titled “Bury the Dead”?
    I support the work of Theresa Deisher Ph.D. from sound health pharmaceutical out of Seattle exposing the huge increase of Autism associated with vaccines developed from aborted fetal tissues. You are not born with it, but autism is an acquired disease to newborns vaccinated with vaccines developed from aborted fetal tissue. Why is that? The DNA of the aborted fetal vaccine is infectious as a foreign body to the recipient child.
    Pure an simply, a foreign body reaction.

    May I use your article to advance my premise that We need to burn our dead babies lost in abortions even by Catholic Hospitals rather than send them as bio-waste to incinerators by Stericycle?

  8. Fr. Copenhagen says:

    Dr. Drum,

    You may freely quote what I have written. Please keep me in prayer.

    God bless you,

    Fr. Copenhagen

  9. Kevin Barry says:

    Dear Father Copenhagen,

    Thank you for your article! Where are you located? I see that there is a Father Michael Copenhagen based in Rochester, NY but I am not sure if that’s you. I am one of the attorneys seeking to restore religious liberty in New York, and we will be in Western NY arguing the case next week.

    Best wishes,

    Kevin Barry

  10. Fr. Michael Copenhagen says:

    Mr. Barry,

    Yes, that’s me.

    Fr. Copenhagen

  11. Kristy Miller says:

    Dear Fr. Copenhagen,
    Prayers and praise for your courageous statement….it has been disheartening to me to watch church officials quietly avoid the atrocities happening under the guise of “the greater good”. When in truth the end never justifies the means, not ever. God bless you and protect you for speaking truth. I will be keeping you in prayer.
    Thank you for sharing truth…
    In Christ, Kristy

  12. Mary Therese Capone9 says:

    In a time when Church officials have vowed down in worship of Big Pharma, it is refreshing to hear the truth. We are exterminating faster than the rate established by Nazi Germany, and have replaced lamp shades with vaccines for profit. At least the Germans hid their attrocities, we celebrate them by lighting up buildings. It’s a bold move in your part, Father, and one Satan will not take in stride. You will be in my prayers. Oh, to have your courage!! Mary Therese Capone

  13. Edward Drum MD says:

    Thank you father Copenhagen and may I ask that you include me in your prayers as this is a difficult road challenged. Please read my first book “Quarantine Access” which exposes the AIDS epidemic as encouraged and the question is “Why did that happen”?

    Edward A. Drum MD, Capt. USN-retired
    I am a supporter of Theresa Desisher Ph.D of Sound Health Pharmaceutical.She exposed the deceptions behind vaccines developed from aborted fetal cell lines that are infectious to the recipient’s DNA. Hence a ton of autoimmune responses to the poor recipient babies
    As a Navy flight surgeon we were required to encouraged our aviators to receive vaccines e.g., anthrax and smallpox to combat bio-warfare. I had the shots myself.
    DOD required a scripted presentation which I refused to comply.
    Needless to say we had a few turn in their wings an I do not blame them!
    Compliance is not an virtue, it is a reflection of values.

  14. Carla Hamarsnes says:

    The most loving thing one can do is to tell the truth and Fr. Copenhagen has done exactly that in this cogent article. I have been mocked over the years because of my stance against using vaccines developed from aborted fetal cells. I recently traveled with my kids to Japan to receive the morally produced Measles and Rubella vaccines. The expense was a sacrifice, but a clear conscience is well worth it. The entire trip was totally anointed by our Lord – including the fact that the Tokyo hotel booked by a travel agent was only a 15 minute walk to the Dr. Office where we had the vaccines – we had no idea where the office was when the hotel was booked!!! I had a big belly laugh with God when I used Google Maps to find the clinic. A clear message from our Lord that he was pleased with our obedience.
    These are times of great testing but we can be encouraged by Tobit’s witness. Thank you Father and COGFL!! Carla

  15. Ryan Capone says:

    If someone claims to have a true relationship with God , and believe in his word that person will walk without fear or conviction. Vaccines are just another one of mans bright ideas to drive fear for profits.
    If we find ourselves in doubt as Christians we seek refuge in the Lords word because IT IS WRITTEN!
    Matthew 5:48
    “You therefore must be perfect ,as your Heavenly Father is perfect”
    Psalms 118:8
    “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man”
    1st COR 3:17
    “If anyone defiles God’s Temple, God will destroy him; for God’s Temple is sacred, and you are that Temple.”
    1st COR 2:5
    “That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.”
    1st COR 6:19
     “Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God and ye are not your own.”

    I would like to thank Mr. Copenhagen on his message which I believed the Holy Spirit has guided his heart as he has mine.No longer can we be silent and still. It is our time to speak up for the unborn and the children that are being prosecuted by the evil of man.
    We all should pray and listen to all the families that have been plagued by this epidemic and further educate the others. Hopefully this article will save at least one child from being harmed from vaccines.

  16. Reggie Fashbaugh (Regina) says:

    Thank you Abouna! This is beautiful and I have had an abundant number of Catholic parents request this article.. You are doing what the Church SHOULD be doing! Thanks be to God for our priests who are truly following Christ and the Apostles true Mission.

  17. Scott D. says:

    Thank you for your article, Fr. Copenhagen. Every argument made in your article was well thought out, logical, and consistent with other church teachings. I appreciated the modern-day analogies too. You’ve provided clarity to a topic that I ponder on almost a daily basis. When everyone else seems willing to say nothing or make arguments in the opposite direction that are contradictory mess, you’ve delivered a real gem.

    Thank you! God bless!

  18. Vicki Roszka-Duggan says:

    I have been praying for this message to be spoken in a public forum from a brave Catholic priest since so many Bishops seem to be running scared. THANK YOU Fr. Copenhagen. God bless you for courage to follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!

  19. Father, I was so heartened to hear you at VIE! I’m a Catholic and very concerned with the typical Catholic over-trust in vaccines. While I strenuously object, based on the aborted-baby connection, I have other strong objections to mandatory vaccine policies. I wonder if you might speak to the issue of the many other reasons to distrust the intrusion of the pharmaceutical industry into our families, from a Catholic perspective. I know so many young Catholic parents who are terrified that their children will be injected, or removed from their custody. Today the babies, tomorrow adult vaccines will be mandated. Thank you for so beautifully representing the (mostly silent) Church at VIE. God bless you and your family!

  20. Kristin Dolan says:

    Here is a brave and courageous Catholic priest telling the hard truth. Thank you for defending morality, Father Copenhagen. Thank you for defending the respect due to these babies’ bodies, created in the image of God. It was an honor meeting you at VIE and hearing you speak. Too many clergy are silent on this huge immoral elephant in the room, and don’t instruct their flock that procuring tissue from aborted babies to inject into others is intrinsically wrong. I look forward to meeting you again! God bless you and yours!

  21. Peggy Pokorny says:

    I have 3 people in my home that were infected by measles. 2 were children and 1 my husband. We are all in the clear to be in public. I do have 2 children with 1 dose of the MMR because at the time of their immunizations, the dr and the news put fear that my kids could die if not immunized for this. Now these 2 kids can’t go back to school for 21 days because they have been exposed to the measles and now are incubated even though they have no sickness. Per the public health dept. that 1 dose is 90% effective. I want to stick to my guns and not give the 2nd MMR because of the aborted babies who all lost their lives . My inlaws and some in my Church have been very ugly about why my kids are not fully vaccinated. There is a big fear about the measles even though in my state there are 11 cases and I hold 3 of those. How can we push for the ethical measles and mumps/rubella vaccine be brought back or push for better ones? If these cell lines become weak, what makes pharmaceuticals not put fear into women so that they can get live babies be aborted for research?

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