Pregnant Women and the H1N1 Vaccine

The CDC Lied – Babies Died

Pregnant Women and the H1N1 Vaccine:  We Report – You Decide!

Dear Readers,

Over the past several months, Children of God for Life has received hundreds of emails and phone calls regarding the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines, generally inquiring as to whether or not the vaccines are produced using aborted fetal cell lines.  They are not  – at least none that are currently FDA approved thus far.

However, fear about contracting the virus is running rampant with the news media reporting as of November 12th that according to the CDC, 22 million people have contracted the H1N1 virus with some 4,000 deaths in the US alone. 

But those numbers are patently false, as CBS News uncovered in their recent reports.  But naturally, those sort of numbers have pregnant women worried and for good reason.  Because in addition to wild and inaccurate news stories, the CDC is also peddling the following advice for pregnant women:

“Getting the flu shot is the single best way to protect against the flu. It is important for a pregnant woman to receive both the 2009 H1N1 flu shot and the seasonal flu shot. A pregnant woman who gets any type of flu has a greater chance for serious health problems. Compared with people in general who get 2009 H1N1 flu (formerly called “swine flu”), pregnant women with 2009 H1N1 flu are more likely to be admitted to hospitals. Pregnant women are also more likely to have serious illness and death from 2009 H1N1 flu. When a pregnant woman gets a flu shot, it can protect both her and her baby. Research has found that pregnant women who had a flu shot get sick less often with the flu than do pregnant women who did not get a flu shot. Babies born to mothers who had a flu shot in pregnancy also get sick with flu less often than do babies whose mothers did not get a flu shot.”

And while Children of God for Life has always focused on the moral aspects of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines and medical products, when something doesn’t sound right, we will investigate.  To say “I smell a rat” is putting it mildly….this reeks of political pandering, paybacks to the pharmaceutical industry and endangering the lives of millions of Americans.

On Thursday, November 12th we received an email with a pretty frightening story – that pregnant women were experiencing miscarriages after receiving the H1N1 vaccine.  Please see posts at the following two websites from these unfortunate moms who lost their babies:

And some of which are repeat posts from above, some are not.

The next step was to check the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) reports from the CDC.  Although these reports are tricky to maneuver at times to acquire the requested information, we did find 8 reported miscarriages: 6 from the H1N1 vaccine and 2 from the seasonal flu vaccines.  Considering that less than 15% of pregnant women have received the vaccines and that the vaccines have been available less than one month (report date 11-13) we find that number to be fairly high.  Further, the data reveals that statistically, the rate of miscarriage is 3 times as high with H1N1 as compared to seasonal flu vaccines.

So we then checked to see what the NIH/HHS data had to say.  And in the FAQ’s it says this:
“I got an email that tells the story of someone who got a flu shot and had a miscarriage two days later.”

FDA Response:

Tragically, every day in the U.S., people suffer from heart attacks, miscarriages, strokes, and other health-related events.  Some result in serious illness, even death. For example, there are approximately 8,700 deaths from heart attack, 140 cases of Guillain-Barre, and 14,000 miscarriages in the U.S. every week.  These events are no more common among people who have received seasonal flu vaccine than in people who have not. The CDC has received no reports of serious adverse events from people who have received the H1N1 vaccine to date in the clinical trials or in the few places across the country where vaccinations have begun.  We have created a strong new surveillance system that will allow us to track adverse reactions and quickly analyze whether there is a link to the vaccine.”

Aside from the patronizing manner of response by the federal government, there is one glaring problem with their statement: None of the H1N1 vaccines were tested on pregnant women prior to gaining FDA approval.  In fact, they are doing clinical trials on pregnant women now – yet all the while they are actively pressuring these women to get the vaccine before they even know if it is safe! 

See:  No results of the clinical trials have been posted yet.

Yet something further immediately struck a chord because NIH, FDA and CDC health officials have continuously stated that the H1N1 vaccine is produced identically to the regular seasonal flu vaccines; that the only difference is the virus itself, that it is perfectly safe.  Yet seasonal flu vaccines do not typically cause miscarriages.  However, a controversial adjuvant that until recently had not been used in any FDA approved vaccines, does.  It’s name is AS03 or AS04 – better known as squalene. And its used in the competing HPV vaccine to Merck’s Gardasil – GSK’s Cervarix.

Too many questions remain unanswered.

Why is the FDA insisting pregnant women get the H1N1 vaccine without proper testing first?

Why was it approved for pregnant women before it has even completed clinical trials?

Why did these women miscarry?

There are 5 FDA approved H1N1 vaccines – which one did these women receive?

As reported by Dr Meryl Nass, on Oct 20, 2009, “Despite data showing twice the rate of miscarriages in women who received Cervarix, FDA approved this new HPV vaccine from GlaxoSmithKline for the US market: the first-ever vaccine licensed in the US with a squalene-containing novel adjuvant, ASO4. Recall that only 10 months ago FDA was trying to figure out how to study the safety of these adjuvants. And FDA’s chief scientist and head of the vaccine center (CBER) at FDA, Jesse Goodman, expressed significant safety concerns.”

What type of vaccine did these women receive: The FDA approved version or an experimental one in clinical trials with the AS03 or AS04 adjuvant? 

Unfortunately, we don’t have the answers right now.  But the truth has a way of revealing itself in a most unkind manner when the public is deceived and people’s lives are at stake.  And mark my words, the truth will eventually be revealed. For now – pregnant women beware.  Practice good health – frequent hand washing, avoid contact with sick people or large crowds where disease and infection are more prevalent and take lots of Vitamin D – but think carefully before you take the H1N1 vaccine!  We will keep you posted with further updates – stay tuned!