HLI President Fr Euteneuer Decries Judicial Homicide

Human Life International Statement

on the Judicial Killing of Terri-Schindler Schiavo

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, President

March 31, 2005

Our international network of pro-life, pro-family advocates laments the terrible killing of Terri Schindler-Schiavo who was put to death today by the machinations of corrupt men. “Husband” Michael Schiavo did not even have the human decency to allow the parents to visit Terri on her last night of life. We condemn this judicial assassination as one of the worst crimes against humanity that we have witnessed in recent years in a so-called sophisticated society, and we call upon those responsible for Terri’s killing to be brought to full justice under American Law and under God.

What is certain is that the death lobbyists of this culture will attempt to use this event as a watershed moment to advocate more killing of innocents in a Nazi-like blitzkrieg. We recall with sad irony that the first victims of the Nazi Holocaust were handicapped Germans, not Jews, Catholics, or any other “unfit” ethnic group. As international right-to-life leaders we refuse to allow this heinous injustice to form the basis of an emerging cultural expectation for active or passive euthanasia, and we will stand against it as much as we stand against other crimes against innocent human life like abortion which happens in American society with deadly frequency under cover of darkness and behind closed doors.

On this sad day, we stand and forcefully proclaim our conviction that Terri’s life has not been lived in vain! In her weakness she has shown the world both the value of all life and the dark side of America that, up to this point, only the pro-life advocates have been willing to admit and fight. She is the beacon of hope for all of those who truly respect freedom and value life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.

Let Terri’s light shine forth from her Pinellas Park Hospice and unto the rest of the world!