HLI response to Whittemore Judicial Homicide Decision

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer
March 22, 2005

Human Life International’s network of pro-life, pro-family advocates in more than fifty countries of the world, condemn in the strongest possible terms the raw judicial homicide decision of Federal District Judge James Whittemore prolonging the starvation agony of Terri Schindler-Schiavo.

The maliciousness of this Judge’s conduct and decision will never be forgotten by those of us who will write the history of this heinous crime against humanity. Let it be known throughout the world that Judge Whittemore delayed action for more than 14 hours on Congress’ mandate to review this dying woman’s case in federal court. Then his hearing lasted for two more hours while she continued to languish. Following that, he delayed for one more calendar day before issuing his vicious decision confirming this innocent woman’s death by judicial homicide. The possibility of a meaningful life has been denied her by this new executioner in a black dress sitting atop a lofty throne in Tampa, Florida, the new Auschwitz of America.

When this battle for Terri’s life is over Judge Whittemore will be classed with Judge Greer and “husband” Michael Schiavo as the specters of death that they are, disreputable in their judicial activism, monstrous in their legal crimes, and perpetrators of the ongoing holocaust of death in America’s concentration hospices.

Human Life International stands in total opposition to this disgusting festival of death. We oppose it especially in the United States of America which acts as the cultural leader of the world and in every other land where innocent, handicapped, unborn, marginalized and vulnerable human beings are being annihilated by the rich and powerful—men—of the earth.